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[07 Dec 2009|08:56am]

downlines are hard to build these days :3
just searching for some people willing to jump on the train!
these are allll paid to click sites, and they have almost ALLL paid me.
you data and neobux are the best, you make money every month - youdata you make money no problem even WITHOUT referrals.

QUESTIONS? email me; opugnant@yahoo.com

i'm unemployed. it doesn't pay my bills, but it helps where it can.

i have been paid by ALL but one of these and include links to check for "legit" or "scam" yourself!

youdata - you data is legit - you get paid EVERY friday, straight to your paypal account. i have NEVER failed to receive a payment, come friday. you can also have TWO accounts per PAYPAL account and IP address; hello, helpful? my boyfriend has one, even though i'm always doing it - and so do I!

neobux - neobux is legit - this one comes tooo easy sometimes! it's an awesome site, and many people are raving about it. i've been paid three times, and the first cashout is only two dollars. you can click the links TWICE a day!

the clickers - the clickers is legit - again, i've been paid. this one has a bit higher of a cashout, but i have insomnia and i have the time and patience. if you go in and click your ads, get a few referrals, you'll be golden.

cash harvest - cash harvest is legit - paid, in full. cashout is two dollars and can easily be made.

velvetclix - velvetclix is legit - paid! three dollar cash out, and also made it fairly easy.

revbux - revbux is legit - not paid yet! site says it's legit though. cashout is five dollars, and i'm not making it super fast - but i'm headed there!

cashswing - cashswing is legit - the admin here is a nice lady, and hardworking too. been paid twice, and it's one of my favorites to use.

upbux - upbux is legit - this one is VERY similar to neobux. i joined fairly recently, and got paid once already. there are games to bet your money on if you are into that sort of thing!

and another thing;
this is my selling journal, so check out my stuff.
i have plus size, regular size, men's and more!
updated at least twice a month. EVERYTHING under ten dollars, MOST under five!
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Secrets of Affiliate & Referral Programs Revealed! [29 Nov 2009|12:34am]

All right, everyone. I promised you a good article today and I'm going to deliver. This is going to be a long one, so sit back, get comfortable and prepare to learn.So just what are we going to discuss today? I'm going to be talking about my favourite method to make money online: affiliate programs and referral programs.
When I bring these programs to others, the questions are always the same. What is it? How does it work? What's in it for me? What will it do for me and what do I have to do for it? So on and so forth. I know you all know these questions, because you've asked them yourselves.
First, let's talk about exactly what affiliate and referral programs are. Basically put, these are programs online that pay you for bringing other people to the program. Many of them also have other ways for you to make money, but the real money is in your referrals.

Read more...Collapse )
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win prizes for surfing the i-net [06 May 2009|11:14pm]


Search & Win

*3 free swagbucks for signing up
*Earn swagbucks also by shopping, donating old electronics, submits polls
*Search to win gift cards, autographs,iphone, ipods, instruments, laptops, and other great prizes

Proof of Prizes: CLICK HERE

Earn money with Scour!
*Earn 1 point for every search
*Earn1 point for every comment
*25% referral program
*Cashout for Visa giftcards

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UK survey site [05 Feb 2009|12:15pm]

Very impressed with Yougov.

Got my first £50 cheque from them today (took 4 months to earn it) and I particularly like that that they don't screen you out after 16 pages of questions to avoid paying you. If I get invited to a survey (most are 50p - £1.50), I get paid for doing it.

Any other good survey sites out there? I gave up with Pinecone and ToLuna because of the screening out thing.
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[30 Jan 2009|12:44am]

Okay, so I'm going to be honest and tell you that I'm trying to drum up some referrals.  That said, I have tried all kinds of survey sites and all that.  This is the only one I've found that works.  You actually get paid real money in the form of a check or through paypal rather than amazon money or some weird point system that doesn't make any sense.  You get cash back on things you already order online.  They have a forum where there's contests all the time where you can earn extra cash.  I haven't even put that much time into it and I've done quite well.  You won't get rich off of it, but it's a great place to bring in some extra income.  Check it out.  http://www.treasuretrooper.com/447764
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[15 Nov 2008|01:03pm]

I have recently closed a bunch of accounts, and joined different sites. All of these sites generate cents faster, have reasonably low payouts, and there is only ONE level of referral needed for you to gain percentages from your downline. I have been doing these for a week and am almost at payout at a few of them already.

Thanks for your consideration in trying these sites. Please use my referral banners to sign up if you do.


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RUReady4Money! Must See Many Ways To Earn! [06 Nov 2008|03:37pm]


( admin of SunshineClicks, EllaBugClicks, SweetPeaClicks, 2Dollars4All)

Read further below to see what will be coming soon!
This is a one of a kind site! It will be lots of fun.

*** Referral and Paid To Sign Up Contest Going on now ***


  • International Members Welcome
  • $1 and 10 money bags sign up bonus
  • 50 cents a referral
  • 50% referral earnings
  • Paid To Click Section (Up to $0.0050 per click)
  • Bingos, Contests, & Raffles here
  • $15 payout via Paypal, Alertpay, or Amazon Gift Card

Sign up before Nov. 7th to receive a free 25 hit ptc ad
(submit under moneybag rewards) by clicking the money bag

Coming Soon to the site:
  • Arcade
  • Trivia
  • More Contests
  • Social Network
  • Search & Win
  • and more!!



Subscribe For Get Paid To Updates, Proof of Pay, & More:Cash 4 You- $ Legit Paying Sites $
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I was Paid by These Sites! [04 Nov 2008|01:18am]


Earn3.com | View Ads, Get Paid

AdBux Banner


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Easy To Earn With These! LOOK! [16 Oct 2008|03:47pm]

(SunshineClicks , 2Dollars4All, SweetPeaClicks Admin)
  • Up to $0.01 Per Click
  • 100% Referral Earnings
  • $2.99 Payout via Paypal - Revolution Money Exchange - Alertpay - Money Order


(Clicking4Gold, ButterflyClicks, Penny-Wise-Clicks, OrangeClicks Admin
  • Earn $0.0001 - $0.01 per click
  •  3 Referral Levels (10%)
  • $2.50 payout Paypal or Alertpay


Brand new site DealBarbieDollarClick
(from admin of DealBarbiePaysFast and DealBarbiePays)

  • International members welcome!
  • Paid To Sign up & Click
  • Earn $0.01 per click
  • 100% referral earnings
  • $1 payout via paypal - $5 payout via check, Ebay virtual Gift card - 7.50 payout via MoneyOrder

  • International members welcome
  • 10+ ads a day
  • Up to $0.01 per click
  • 10-20% referral earnings
  • $2 cash out via Paypal or Alertpay

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PTC/PTR for UK & Ireland! [09 Sep 2008|03:25pm]

Archerfish pay me to read e-mail, visit web sites, sign up for offers, and much more.

It's free to join and easy to sign up!

Designed for UK and Ireland members only

£18,541.30 earned by members to date

Get Paid to Click on Ads and Visit Websites that are of interest to you

Get Paid to Read E-mail, on Site or in your Mailbox.

No unpaid sponsor ads in e-mails!

Get Cashback with selected Shopping Offers

6 Levels of Referrals (10%, 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%)

Payment via Paypal, Cheque or Amazon Gift Certificate

Low Minimum Payout of just £3.00, sent within 7 days

Join Now and get a £0.25 Sign-up Bonus

Hurrah for Archerfish!
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CashbackKings update! [07 Aug 2008|03:35pm]

I posted on 3 April about a life insurance profit deal through CashbackKings.

Now paid up and £100 in my bank account! I ended up paying four monthly installments (of £5.01) but received £25 of M&S vouchers in the post from M&S directly. So my "investment" of £20.04 paid out £125 which gave me a profit of £104.96. Result! Went absolutely crazy and spent the vouchers on milk, bread, soup and tinned tomatoes... I live the highlife yes.

The M&S offer is still going for anyone who hasn't tried it, and my next quarry is £60 for Legal & General life insurance - similar deal (but probably without the Marks & Sparks vouchers...).
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CashCrate :Fast Easy way to make money by doing surveys or by clicking links [26 May 2008|01:16pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Someone just recently sent me to this website  CashCrate, and personally i think its a good way to make money online, they send you a check in the mail (or however you want to be paid i suppose) on a certain date every month. You can earn money by filling out surveys, signing up on websites, shopping (yes, you can make money by shopping ; ] ), by clicking links, and much more. I noticed that this isn't like those sites that say you can earn money,(even though you really don't).Those sites scam you and rip you off. This site (CashCrate)  will always tell you what you have to do in order to receive your points and money (there are requirements). You'll be making money quickly and you won't even notice... Well, theres more cool things they offer, but you'll have to check it out for yourself ^_^


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New Site Extra10 [15 May 2008|05:38pm]


I just signed up with this brand new site Extra10.
It is the newest sister site of Earn3 (trusted and paying Admins!)
I usually like sticking with sites from Admins with good reputations.

  • $0.05 sign up bonus
  • $0.01 per click
  • $0.01 per referral click
  • $10 payouts via Alertpay
Get in on this site while its brand new!

Be sure to subscribe to my blog for Get Paid To Updates:
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Free life insurance and a profit too! [03 Apr 2008|03:26pm]

Here's the deal. Cashback website CashbackKings pays £100 cashback for taking out a Marks & Spencers Life Insurance policy. The lowest monthly premium that M&S allows is £5. 12 months at £5 is £60. If you are new to CashbackKings they take an annual fee out of your first earnings of £5. You are still paying less out than you are getting back in cashback, and should make £35 to £40 profit on top of the free policy.

Click through to CashbackKings and sign up for an account if you don't already have one. Click through from the cashbackkings website to M&S life insurance and start an online quote. For term put 5 years and then try a cover level of £80,000. Click Get Quote and the monthly premium is presented. Now go back and fiddle with the cover level until you get as close to £5 monthly premium as possible. I managed £5.01 with £87,500 cover for 5 years. This means if you die at any point during the policy term they pay out £80,000.

NB: The policy 'term' is irrelevant because at no point do life assurance policies have a cash-in value. When the policy matures or expires you get nothing. And there is no penalty for stopping the policy early. You are simply covered for a fixed lump sum for as long as you keep the policy going and you can stop or cancel whenever you want.

You don't even need to ring them to cancel, as the terms state that if a monthly payment is more than 28 days late, the policy automatically ends, so you can just cancel the direct debit when you've had enough (or when the £100 cashback is paid out to you from CashbackKings...).

NOTE: You have to sign and send back the paperwork for this to work.

My transaction tracked on CashbackKings within half an hour and has an award date just under two months away. By setting my policy to start in a month's time, I may only have to make one or two payments (of £5.01) before I get the £100. But sometimes delays can happen I suppose, but even if it takes a year, I will still come out on top. Sooner the better though!

CashbackKings is run by rPoints who have been running a good cashback site for a number of years now. Martin Lewis on Money Saving Expert rates them well.

Hope this helps some people!
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Earn with dating Affiliate program MatesMaster.com! [21 Mar 2008|12:51pm]

MatesMaster Dating Affiliate Program

Our dating network has a great conversion and retention.
We offer monthly payments with PayPal and WebMoney, constantly updated promotion tools, live stats, an experienced marketing team and much more.

We are paying for:

1. Free signups
Per Member Program pays you $0.1 - $1 for each female or male who signs up.
2. Sales
Per Order Program - The percentage program pays you 50% of the whole amount of the payments made by the registered members.
3. Referral
Referral Program earns you 5% of all earnings paid to all affiliates combined, you sent to our program

Minimum payout level - $10
Register now and start earning money online in a few minutes!

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http://www.cashback-kings.co.uk [12 Mar 2008|10:09am]

Cashback-Kings is a brill UK site - you can get a percentage back from your online shopping, but also sign up for free trials etc. and get paid as well as daily click throughs to search engines and getting £5 for every two friends you persuade to join (you're all my pals, right?).

It's run by Rpoints who I've had nearly £700 from over the last 18 months, but the payout rates are higher and they keep the first £5 you earn (like quidco). Martin Lewis on Money Saving Expert has rated it highly on his website.

Give it a go!
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[29 Feb 2008|11:35am]

 Want to make some extra money just by filling out surveys online? This actually works i just got my second check in the mail today, it was for $225.61 easy money right? Just go to this site and sign up start filling out surveys, MAKE SURE you sign up with an email address you don't mind getting a ton of spam sent to i made that mistake and my email address was taken over but a bunch of crap i didn't want. But sign up and have your friends sign up, and if you make more than $10 a check will be sent out to you, or your earnings will be carried over to the next month!!

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[01 Feb 2008|01:58pm]

EDIT: The pay for each clicked ads has been increase!!

KeyBux is another paid to click website. Here's the details:

Here is some of what KeyBux offers
- Membership is FREE.
- Get paid to visit our advertiser's websites.
- Earn a very generous $0.03 per link clicked.
- Earn a very generous $0.02 for each website your referals view.
- Realtime reports of your earnings.

To join:


$15.00 is needed to cashout!
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I've been paid [30 Jan 2008|10:56pm]
Get paid to read emails & click ads.
Also, you get paid to sign up & complete offers.
$1 payout, I have been paid.
[payment proof]

Get paid to click ads
For every 20 ads you click,
you get a 'slot token'.
I won $10.00 with my first slot token.
Cash out at $10.00 & I have been paid.
[payment proof]

This site is pretty cool, you either get points or money for EVERYTHING you do.
They also have tokens.
The points convert to cash [100 points = $0.01]
& you can use the tokens to get rewards.
You can cash in your money earnings for gift certificates
or cash it out into paypal.
Gift certificates start at $5 & you can cash out to paypal at anytime.
[payment proof]

easymazuma.com - earn money for completing offers!
You get paid to complete offers.
Cash out through paypal, as well as gift cards & domains.
You can cash out through paypal at anytime with any amount of money,
but gift cards start at $5 & domains at $10.
[payment proof]

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[27 Jan 2008|05:53pm]

[the picture is a link]

You get paid for completing offers.

At the end of each month, if you have $10
in you account a check gets sent around the 20th of the next month.

For instance, I have over $17 in my account right now,
so I should receive a check after the 20th of next month.

I joined the site on the 24th & as you can see from the picture below I already have over $22 in my account.

There are tons of $.50 & $.55 surveys that takes less than 5 minutes to complete.
There are higher valued offers, but they require more effort &/or you to purchase something.

What you do is find all of the ProductOpinions & Rewards4Survey offers & complete those.
You get $.50 for the ProductOpinions & $.55 for the Rewards4Survey. There are a ton of them. The $22 I have in my account are just from those two different companies & there still a long list of Rewards4Survey offers left.

So, fo a little effort & very little time every day you can make a good little bit of extra spending cash.

click this picture to see my current earnings:

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